A statement under oath can be divided into three parts, namely; A preamble Content Ending When making a complainant or witness statement it is important that you provide as much detail as possible. Remember that when you lie in a statement under oath you could be charged with perjury.
PREAMBLE The following to appear in the first line of the statement Full names and surname Indication of whether the statement is sworn to/affirmed to The language spoken (If an interpreter is used indicate from what language the statement is interpreted from (English/Khoza) The following should appear in the preamble Identity number and date of birth Full residential address Full employment address Home Telephone Number Cell phone number Work number
CONTENT The content is crucial as it will form the basis of the case to be registered and when evidence is given by the deponent. The content should be in chronological sequence describing what happened. The following always applies; What happened (Describe the act in detail) Where did it happen (Exact place and location with full description and/or address) When did is happen (Dates and Times) How did it happen - (detailed description as experienced and/or witnessed) Who is responsible - (Names and surnames of people and/or objects)
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ENDING The deponent oath or affirmation I know and understand the contents of this declaration. I have / have no objection to taking the prescribed oath. I consider / do not consider the prescribed oath to be binding on my conscience. “I swear that the contents of this statement are true so help me God”   OR “I truly affirm that the contents of this statement are true” The deponents signature Certification by police officer and/or commissioner of oaths I certify that the above statement was taken down and or commissioned by me and that the deponent has acknowledged that he/she knows and understand the contents of this statement. This statement was sworn/affirmed before me and the deponents signature / mark / thumb print was placed in my presence at ____________________________________________________________ (place) on this the _______________ day of ______________________ (month) __________ (year) at __________ (time). Force number of the police officer Rank of the police officer Full names and surname of the police officer Signature of the police officer (Commissioner of Oaths) Official police date stamp
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