What to do if an intruder/s are already inside your house!!!!!!!
If you have taken preventative measures which includes a safe room, you should be able to fend of the intruders, if not do the following; o Stay as calm as possible and remember that the safety of you and your family must be your first priority o If you have a firearm and you are able to get to it before being exposed to the intruder, use it to defend yourself. (It is assumed that you have a licensed firearm and that you adhere to all the legal requirements pertaining to the use and discharge of a firearm) o If confronted by the intruder/s do exactly as you are told o Do not make eye contact but ensure that you are able to observe movement and focus on memorising anything that might help identifying the intruder/s at a later stage, should they be apprehended. o Do exactly as you are told to do by the intruder/s o Your life is more valuable than your possessions. Your laptop can be replaced, a fractured scull not as easily. Stay calm and let them take what they want o Wait till they leave before you move or raise the alarm - many burglars return to make sure they have taken everything they have come for. o Alert your neighbors immediately and phone the police as soon as possible o If things get worse and the intruder/s are about to attack you, try to escape as you know the layout of your house better than them o If this is not possible try and defend yourself. Screaming as hard as possible might deter them from staying any longer, especially if there are neighboring houses close to yours.
Laws Governing Shooting in self-defence
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