When talking to people who had to go to a police station to open a case or who were a victim of crime and have reported it and are waiting for a police officer or detective to come to the crime scene to do an investigation one often get a sense of frustration. Some of the most common complaints are; The officer who took down my statement cannot spell or write properly Statements are incomplete and important facts omitted Cannot communicate in my language of choice Arrived late at the crime scene Did not secure the crime scene to prevent contamination Incompetent Poor communication skills Hostile towards complainants Not properly equipped or resourced
Hein Crocker, the founding member of comes from a law enforcement and security background and the aim of this  website is to assist the general public who has been a victim of crime, to be able to report effectively on the crime, download and complete statement templates, do initial on-site investigations, gather evidence on the crime scene without contaminating the scene, take photographs, make sketches and provide tips on how to profile perpetrators and/or the instrument/s used during the crime. This will assist the complainant to provide all the necessary facts  relating to the crime in writing, present the statement as a complainant statement to speed up the case registration process and most importantly provide the investigator or first responder with vital information on the crime committed which in turn might lead to a speedy apprehension of the perpetrator/s.
The South African Police and other law enforcement agencies are responsible for policing  and crime investigations.  This website is merely an aid to assist victims of crime
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